‘It is not actually the peak’

The peak of the coronavirus pandemic that is being mentioned in Serbia these days “is not actually the peak,” said epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorović on Wednesday (1 July).

“The real one”, he said, will be reached in five to six days because it is measured from the events that may have caused it, such as sporting events, birthdays, weddings and other parties. 

“If there have been many of them – and there have been many – you have to take into account the incubation period of seven to 10 days, 14 at most. Only when this period passes – and that will not be before the end of the week – can we say we are on the safe side, but a new peak may reoccur,” Tiodorović told the RTS public service.

He also said that the virus is present and there are no arguments to prove it is weakening as it can only be said that the number of people who can spread it is diminishing.

As of Wednesday (1 July), Serbia registered 272 new daily COVID-19 infections of the 14,836 total registered since the start of the pandemic, the Serbian health ministry announced on Wednesday (1 July). Four more people died from the virus and 73 patients remained on ventilators on Wednesday, bringing the total of current “active cases” to 1,783.

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