Italy details own recovery plan

A 30-page document outlining Italy’s recovery plan will be discussed by Italy’s interministerial committee on European affairs today. Six key “missions”, including digitalisation and innovation, the green transition, health, sustainable infrastructures, education and research, as well as social and territorial inclusion, are highlighted in the document.

The meeting will be chaired by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and will be attended by the Foreign Minister Enzo Amendola and other competent ministers. The goal is to prepare a draft of the proposal due to be presented to the European Commission in 2021.

While the main topic for the digitalisation mission will be the 5G network and fibre optics, the completion of the Turin-Lyon high speed railway will be the highlight for sustainable infrastructures.

Besides, one of the aims is to provide the health sector, which will rely heavily on money from the recovery fund, with more intensive care units (ICUs), a problem which was highlighted by the coronavirus health crisis.

As for the “long term social-economic goals”, the government hopes to double the economic growth rate, in order to bring it to the same level as the EU average of 1.6%.

(Alessandro Follis |

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