Italy slashes number of politicians by a third

Politicians vote to reduce their numbers. A constitutional amendment to reduce the number of parliamentarians from 630 to 400 in the Chamber of Deputies and from 315 to 200 in the Senate was comfortably approved on Monday (21 September). Find out more here.

According to Corriere della Sera, today there is one deputy for every 96,000 inhabitants and now it will be one for 151,000. There is one senator for every 188,000 inhabitants, which will now go up to one for every 302,000.

“This result is history in the making. Cutting 345 parliamentarians, with all their privileges, is how politicians respond to the requests of the people,” said Foreign Minister and Five Star Movement leader, Luigi Di Maio.

Democratic Party leader Nicola Zingaretti was also satisfied.

“The Democratic Party is the driving force of change and guarantees renovation and modernisation”, said Zingaretti, adding that “the approval of the amendment is the first step in a season of reforms, to be brought forward with all the coalition.”

(Alessandro Follis |

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