LJUBLJANA – Coronavirus and summer create first border queues

On Sunday evening (5 July), passengers at the Gruškovje border crossing (eastern Slovenia) queued for two and a half hours to enter Slovenia from Croatia, as a tougher border regime coincided with the first summer vacation weekend.

Gruškovje is one of the main crossings for travellers from Western and Central Europe.

On Saturday (4 July), health and police workers served 338 quarantine decisions at the borders, mostly to incoming travellers from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Another 435 quarantine orders were issued on Sunday. 

In Slovenia itself, the number of active COVID-19 infections had reached 180 on Saturday, up from 85 a week earlier, spreading mainly through the younger population.

“We see an extremely high number of violations, especially in the hospitality industry and in gatherings exceeding 50 people. Some politicians are at the forefront of these violations,” tweeted Prime Minister Janez Janša. (Zoran Radosavljević | EURACTIV.com)

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