LJUBLJANA – Janša threatens to pressure daily Dnevnik

Former Prime Minister Janez Janša, leader of SDS (EPP), the biggest party in the Slovenian parliament, told Dnevnik journalist, Meta Roglič, that the SDS party bodies will decide on “the editorial policy of Dnevnik”.

If you are interfering with our party, we will also become involved in your editorial policy since we are in a free country”, he said.

Dnevnik published the audio transcript of the conversation, and Janša’s comments have drawn criticism from the national association of journalists, and from left-wing parties.

Janša, a close ally of controversial Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, is very close to forming a new government without snap elections, following the resignation of Prime Minister Marijan Šarec. (Željko Trkanjec | EURACTIV.hr)

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