LJUBLJANA – New round of brown bear culls

Slovenia’s Environment Agency has issued a permit for the culling of 115 brown bears until September, aimed at keeping their number in check, the official STA news agency has reported. Slovenia is among the countries with the highest density brown bear population in the world.

The cull will be undertaken to mitigate human-bear conflicts in areas where the density of the bear population is high. According to the Environment Agency’s data, in some parts of south Slovenia, there may be as many as one bear per two square kilometres, which inevitably leads to contact with humans and possible incidents.

Culling by hunters has long been the main way in which the brown bear population has been kept in check. The Environment Agency said last Friday there was “no other satisfactory possibility” but stressed that the cull would not “harm the favourable state of the bear population”. (Zoran Radosavljević | EURACTIV.com)

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