LJUBLJANA – Radioactive waste

The government reviewed its programmes for the disposal of radioactive waste.

The Croatian government took note of a summary of the third review of the programmes for the disposal of radioactive waste on Thursday (16 January) and spent nuclear fuel from the Krško nuclear power plant, which is jointly owned by Slovenia and Croatia, HINA reports. 

Regarding the government’s review of its programmes for the disposal of radioactive waste,  Environment and Energy Minister Tomislav Ćorić said at a cabinet meeting that prior approval of the position of the Croatian delegation on the joint commission on the ratification of these programmes would be requested from the Croatian parliament, adding that this would respect an agreement between the Croatian and Slovenian governments.

“Periodic reviews of the decommissioning and waste disposal programmes are especially important in light of changes in technologies, prices and investment,” the minister said. Ćorić heads the Croatian part of the joint commission, which has taken up the task of carrying out the third review of these programmes prepared by the Krško plant, the Slovenian Agency for Radioactive Waste and the Fund for financing the decommissioning of the Krško nuclear power plant and the disposal of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.

The programmes give estimates of the cost of decommissioning the nuclear power plant after it stops operating, which is planned for 2043, and include the division of radioactive waste, eligibility criteria for waste disposal, and timelines and costs of the disposal of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. (Željko Trkanjec | EURACTIV.hr)

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