LJUBLJANA – Slovenia worries about 1 May confinement slip-ups

15 new coronavirus cases were detected in Slovenia on Saturday (25 April), more than was registered on Thursday, which Dr Milan Krek of the national public health institutes said indicates that people did not observe confinement and distancing around the Easter period. With a new long weekend approaching, there are reasons for concern.

“I’m most worried about Labour Day bonfires. A single Labour Day party can lead to a catastrophe. It’s enough for one infected person to be there to have 50 new cases a day in two weeks’ time,” Dr Krek said.

He warned that the restrictions must not be lifted just yet and that the lifting must be gradual and guided by experts. 

Krek added that keeping the infection rate low will also help tourism, as “foreigners will be tempted to choose a country with a very low number of infections”.

(Zoran Radosavljevic | EURACTIV.com)

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