LONDON – Johnson’s aide set to survive lockdown breach row

Dominic Cummings, chief political advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to survive a damaging row over whether he broke the government’s lockdown rules to drive 400 kilometres to stay in a property on his parents’ farm where he and his wife and son self-isolated while suffering coronavirus symptoms.

On Thursday (28 May), the Durham police concluded that while Cummings may have breached the lockdown guidelines he did not break the law, prompting Johnson to declare that the matter was closed.

However, the row has come at a damaging cost to Johnson’s credibility.

Over 60 Conservative MPs have either called for Cummings to resign or criticised his decision to travel when people with the coronavirus were told not to travel.

Support for the Conservatives has dropped by 5% according to opinion polls, while Johnson’s personal ratings have fallen to -1% for the first time since the December election, a 20% drop in less than a month. (Benjamin Fox |

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