LONDON – Johnson’s emergency plans

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is making contingency plans for if a second coronavirus spike coincides with a no-deal Brexit.

According to a Cabinet Office paper leaked to The Sun, the government’s ‘reasonable worst-case scenario’ prepares for the possibility of medicine shortages, and fuel and power shortages, while the military could be required to airdrop food to the Channel Islands and the navy utilised to prevent clashes between British fishermen and European fishing boats in UK waters.

In the coming weeks both the EU and UK are set to step up their ‘no deal’ planning for if the post-Brexit transition period ends in December 2020 without a successor trade agreement being finalised.

The seventh round of talks between the EU and UK negotiating teams ended on Friday (20 August), with a ‘disappointed’ Michel Barnier accusing the UK of “wasting time” and warning that an agreement this year was “unlikely”. (Benjamin Fox |

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