LONDON – Scotland sets out ‘phased’ end to lockdown

Scotland will have to learn to “live alongside” the coronavirus, with some social distancing measures remaining in place into next year, according to a 26-page report on plans to phase out the lockdown measures published on Thursday (23 April).

Although the plans set out by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon do not include any dates, they are the first by a government in the UK on what life is likely to look like in the coming weeks and months.  Gatherings in pubs and at public events are likely to be banned or restricted for some time to come.

The UK government is under pressure to set out its own plans to transition out of the lockdown, amid growing concern among lawmakers about the collapse of businesses and mounting job losses while tight restrictions remain in place.

The Scottish government paper, however, states that it could diverge from the advice of Boris Johnson’s government if recommended by scientists.

(Benjamin Fox |

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