MADRID – A Spanish ‘bromance’

Last September, Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez said he couldn’t “sleep peacefully” if he had to form a government with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias.

The Socialist prime minister and the left-wing leader not only forged this week the first coalition government since the II Republic in the 30s, but they also cemented strong ties to ensure co-ordination within the government and among their parliamentary groups, according to a document signed on Wednesday.

Sánchez was sworn in as prime minister on Wednesday in a brief ceremony. “Eight months for 10 seconds”, he said referring to the caretaker period since April. “It was quick, simple and painless, the pain will come after,” quipped King Felipe VI.

Sánchez, however, will not announce his ministers until next week. Five of them will be appointed by Podemos, including Iglesias, who will become vice-president for Social Affairs.

(By’s Jorge Valero)

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