MADRID – Entering the third stage of de-confinement

The majority of the Spanish population will this week progress into the third stage of the country’s four-phase lifting of coronavirus lockdown measures, EFE reported.  

About 52% of the population in regions of northern, eastern and southern Spain will from today (8 June) allow restaurants and bars to partially reopen their interiors, and no longer have to respect allocated hours for outdoor exercise.

Madrid, Barcelona and parts of Castile and Leon, which house about 48% of the country’s 47 million people, however, are one stage behind the rest of the country.

Once an area reaches phase three of the country’s de-escalation plan, the government hands down lockdown decision-making powers to regional leaders. In other words, regions, rather than the central government, will get to choose whether or not to proceed to the final stage.

Some 25 million people in phase three on Monday (8 June) will be able to meet in groups of 20 and attend outdoor funeral services in groups of up to 50 people. (

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