MADRID – One more month

The Spanish government will seek another month-long extension to the state of emergency decreed on 14 March and make it the last, the government said on Saturday (16 May), EURACTIV’s partner EFE reported

“I want to announce that the Spanish government will ask the Congress of Deputies for a new extension of the state of emergency, although it will have very different characteristics from the previous ones because the situation in Spain has changed,” socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez told reporters on Saturday (16 May).

The PM also said that provided a second COVID-19 outbreak did not take place, the country could go back to normal by summer, reminding citizens that until a vaccine is found “we will have to continue living with the virus”.

“To begin with, it will be the last state of emergency and mark the end of the escalation. So we are going to ask the Congress of Deputies to add a month, instead of 15 days, to what we hope is the last state of emergency,” the prime minister said.

During the final month under the state of alarm, all decision-making will continue to be centralised by the health ministry and a technical group of experts, in co-governance with regional governments.

Freedom of movement will still be curtailed, Sánchez said, adding that “the path we are following is the only one possible. Prudence, caution and security are the only way to overcome the virus.”

As of Sunday (17 May), Spain registered 87 coronavirus deaths in the last 48 hours, bringing the total to 27,650. (EUROEFE)

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