MADRID – Spanish farmers protest in Madrid for ‘fair’ prices

Spain’s main farmers’ associations demonstrated on Wednesday in Madrid, demanding “fair” prices for their produces. They urged the country’s leftist government to take urgent measures to defend the sector, EURACTIV’s partner EFE AGRO reported.

Spain’s three main farmers’ associations (UPA, COAG and ASAJA) demonstrated on Wednesday (5 February) at midday before the agriculture ministry, in Madrid’s city centre.

The protesters had warned the leftist coalition government about the negative impact of what they described as “historically low” prices of agrifood produce.

The associations are now urging Agriculture Minister Luis Planas to adopt urgent measures to ease the serious crisis in the sector.

“If this situation goes on agriculture in Spain won’t be profitable anymore”, Pedro Barato, the president of ASAJA, told Spanish media.

Spanish farmers associations have fiercely criticised some aspects of the new Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), particularly some of the funding cuts. 

On Monday, Planas pledged to give more funds for agrifood insurance schemes and to monitor agricultural prices in Spain, to keep them at a reasonable level.

However, Planas also demanded the Spanish distribution sector take responsibility, and help solve the crisis in the sector. (

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