MADRID – Zero coronavirus-related deaths since Sunday

On Tuesday (2 June), Spain reported zero COVID-19-related deaths in the last 48 hours for the first time since March, as well as 71 new coronavirus infections, according to the health ministry’s reports. In other words, it has been two consecutive days since the new infection rate has been below 100 for the first time since the outbreak. 

While Spain has been one of Europe’s worst-affected countries and has been easing its strict lockdown in recent weeks as the infection rate has been brought under control, authorities recorded  27,127 deaths and 239,638 confirmed infections since the outbreak emerged in the country more than three months ago.

“The numbers maintain the same trend that we have observed in recent weeks,” Fernando Simón, who leads the country’s emergency public health department, said during his daily briefing on Tuesday.

“They keep us in a position where we can progressively lift the restriction measures.”, he added. (

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