Microsoft’s new US investment in Greece

A new investment of Microsoft will be announced today, as part of #GrforGrowth strategic partnership programme between Greece and the software company.

The investment of more than $1 billion will be presented in a special event in the famous Acropolis Museum in Athens, where both Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Microsoft President Brad Smith will speak.

Microsoft, as well as Google, seem to have established very strong relationships with the Greek government in the past few years, based on state efforts to fight digital piracy and move all data infrastructure to the cloud.

US-Greek relations also appear to be growing stronger, as direct American investments by CISCO and Pfizer in R&D, as well as funds in financing major energy, port and naval building projects, were all sealed within the last year.

During the last couple of decades, Greece seemed neglected by Trans-Atlantic investors, as all major corporate movements in the Greek market came from Germany, France and Italy, opening space for strategic investment by China’s Belt and Road initiatives, as well as smaller Russian funds. (Theodore Karaoulanis | 

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