No Brexit deal could risk terrorism in Northern Ireland

A no deal Brexit risks an increase in terrorism, UK lawmakers warned in a report published on Monday (5 October).

In a statement accompanying their report, lawmakers on the cross-party Intelligence and Security Committee, which scrutinises the UK’s police and intelligence network, said that “Northern Ireland-related terrorism has not gone away.”

Lawmakers added that “the threat requires sustained pressure more, now, than ever since any border infrastructure resulting from the UK’s future relationship with the EU will be both a target and a recruiting badge for Dissident Republican groups, and may also reignite the threat from Loyalist groups that have previously held a ceasefire.”

“Whilst we welcome the Government’s focus on preventing individuals turning to terrorist activity in the first place, MI5 and police resources on the terrorist threat need to be maintained,” the MPs added.

Failure to agree a deal on a post-Brexit EU-UK trade accord could lead to the imposition of customs checks on goods travelling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, and the question of whether and what border infrastructure in Ireland would be established has been one of the most controversial points in the Brexit negotiations. (Benjamin Fox |

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