No migrant ever returned from Austria, says interior ministry

Serbia’s assistant interior minister, Zoran Lazarov, had dismissed the claims on Wednesday (22 April) from the leader of the Dveri (Doors) Movement, Bosko Obradovic, about Serbia being made into a centre for asylum seekers, adding that “no migrant had ever been returned from Austria”.

Claiming that there was no agreement with Austria about returning migrants who had been denied asylum, Lazarov said that Serbia signed the readmission agreement with the EU in 2007 and, on the basis of that, a separate protocol with Austria in 2010, which defines the re-admission procedure. In 2019, the government signed the working arrangement that defines the technical implementation of re-admission in more detail.

“The mentioned working arrangement clearly defines that, in each individual case, Austria must first prove beyond doubt that a migrant from a third country entered their country from Serbia, and then Serbia has to give approval for their re-admission,” Lazarov said, as quoted by the interior ministry.

Lazarov added that no migrant had been returned from Austria to Serbia to this day, on the basis of either the readmission agreement, the separate protocol or the working arrangement.



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