No official assessments indicating whether Montenegro is safe

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Wednesday (27 May) that there are currently no official assessments indicating whether Montenegro is safe for the people coming from Serbia, but that Belgrade will make such an evaluation.

“Security assessments are being carried out and we will declare them based on the information provided by our security services,” Dacic told TV Prva. Referring to Montenegro’s decision not to open its borders to Serbia, Dacic added that Greece and Bulgaria, too, still fear the coronavirus pandemic but had still opened their borders to Serbian citizens.

The foreign minister added that the key issue is whether Serbs and Montenegrins will cooperate.

“Whether Montenegro wants to join NATO, the eastern bloc, or something else, it is fully up to them and it is their right. It does not concern us, but what does concern us is the position and rights of Serbs living in Montenegro,” the minister added.

He also said that the decision of the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate to suspend Montenegro Airlines’ right to land at the Belgrade airport “has nothing to do with foreign policy.” 


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