Orban declares victory after EU ‘adopted’ his migration policy

Hungary’s stance against illegal migration has become the generally accepted approach in Europe, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the Visegrad Group summit in Prague.

“It was us who announced a policy against Muslim migration” the PM added, referring to the border fence Hungary set up in 2015.

Hungary’s prime minister added that the policy, “now well-known throughout the European community”, had been “a success”, and noted that times had changed since the period when “Hungarians were subjected to insults for protecting our borders”.

“We’re doing our job and we believe that our work speaks for itself,” he added. Orbán said he advised every country to carry out Hungary’s policy of 2015.

The head of Parliament’s National Security Committee János Stummer (Jobbik – radical right) said Hungary would be ready to build another border fence, if necessary.

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