PARIS – Government proposes ‘catch-all’ COVID-19 emergency legislation

The French government on Wednesday (18 March) proposed ‘catch-all’ emergency legislation to try to respond to the coronavirus. Among the provisions of the text are one on electoral provisions, another on the state of health emergency and the third on “economic emergency measures and adaptation to the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic”.

And while the European Parliament is questioning the relevance of holding a plenary session next week, the French chambers, Senate and National Assembly, will reopen to validate the government’s text.

The legislation’s text notes the fact that the second round of municipal elections, initially scheduled for Sunday (22 March), “is postponed until June 2020 at the latest”. The date of the postponement will be set by decree in the Council of Ministers.

“No later than 10 May 2020, a government report based on an analysis of the scientific committee placed before it will be submitted to parliament, giving its opinion on the state of the COVID-19 epidemic and on the health risks associated, before the deadline set in the first paragraph, with the holding of the second round and the campaign preceding it,” the bill states.

The epidemic continues to spread in France. A plane has been chartered to transport sick people from the far east of France to a hospital in Marseilles, and Paris hospitals are beginning to have a huge number of sick people. These two regions are the main areas affected by the coronavirus, thus far. (EURACTIV.FR)

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