PARIS – Twitter taken to court for hate speech

Four anti-discrimination associations took Twitter to court in Paris, claiming that the social network had “long and persistently” failed to meet its obligations in terms of content moderation, according to a document sent to AFP. 

“Faced with a 43% increase in hate content on Twitter during the period of confinement, the UEJF, SOS Racism and SOS Homophobia are acting in summary proceedings against Twitter for failing to comply with its legal obligation of moderation,” the associations explained in a statement.

“The number of racist contents increased by 40.5%, the number of anti-Semitic contents by 20% and the number of LGBTphobic contents by 48%” over the 17 March to 5 May period, according to a study conducted by the four associations.

The group added that they had reported to Twitter a series of 1,110 hateful tweets, which were mainly of unambiguous homophobic, racist or antisemitic nature. 

The association also found that only 12% of these had been deleted within “a reasonable period of time, ranging from 3 to 5 days.” (EURACTIV.FR)

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