PODGORICA – Pyrrhic victory

After 29 years in power, Milo Đukanović’s party DPS did not obtain enough votes to form a government, even with its usual coalition partners.

Though turnout was high (75.9%), DPS only obtained 29 of 81 seats in parliament, and together with its coalition partners, Bosniak and Albanian minority lists, and two social-democrat parties (SD and SDP), can only count on a total of 39.

By comparison, “For future of Montenegro” obtained 28 seats and on the opposition, coalition “Peace is our nation” got 10 mandates, and URA four, making URA the kingmakers.

With Albanian Dritan Abazović at its helm, URA is a civilian movement that gathers other similar groups with whom it formed the coalition “Black on white”. Given that their pre-election platform was “Montenegro clean of corruption”, it seems unlikely they will form a coalition with Đukanović.

However, Đukanović continues to be the country’s president, meaning he will be the one giving the mandate to form the government. As the election results point to DPS not being able to form a majority coalition, it could be that DPS will not be given the mandate to form the government for the first time since 1991. (Željko Trkanjec | EURACTIV.hr)

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