POLAND/HUNGARY – Rule of law

As expected, Poland and Hungary said they have serious reservations regarding the report’s concept, methodology and sources of content.

It cannot serve as a basis for the discussions on the rule of law in the EU, said Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro and Hungarian counterpart Judit Varga in a joint statement on Wednesday (30 September).

“The scope of the report is arbitrary and there are no references to objectively selected reference points, which could be applied equally to all member states”, the statement said.

“The selection of sources on which the report is based is non-transparent and biased”, the two ministers argued.

The also added that for Warsaw and Budapest “it is unacceptable for a report to be based almost exclusively on input from organisations that are part of a centrally financed international network committed to a wide-scale and coordinated campaign against democratically elected governments of the EU member states and considering themselves their political and ideological opponents”.

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