Poland slams EU ‘Soviet-style blackmailing’ on rule of law

While the European Parliament and the EU Council are failing to agree on a rule of law control mechanism, leader of the ruling conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party, Jarosław Kaczyński, is threatening to veto the EU budget and the Recovery Fund if Brussels were to impose rule of law conditions.

Following a reshuffle, Kaczyński was appointed last week as deputy prime minister of the far-right coalition government.

“There will be a veto. If the threats and blackmail continue. We’ll firmly defend Poland’s vital interests,” Kaczyński told the right-wing Gazeta Polska Codziennie newspaper in an interview published on Tuesday.

The party leader even compared the EU’s current actions to Soviet rule over Poland.

“To make everyone realise what the dispute with the EU is about, I will use the example of the Polish People’s Republic,” he said.

“We’re on the right side of history, and those who want to take away our sovereignty based on their own whims are headed for a fall,” he added.

Former European Council President and current EPP President Donald Tusk, who is also Polish, immediately reacted:

“Deputy PM Kaczyński announces his readiness to block the financial aid for Poland only to go unpunished for violating the rule of law. And I had thought nothing about him could surprise me anymore”, he tweeted. (Aleksandra Krzysztoszek | EURACTIV.pl)

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