PRAGUE – Alone against the Green Deal

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has repeatedly made it clear that he does not support the European Green Deal as he proposes to focus on fighting the coronavirus and supporting “traditional industry”. With no other country voicing criticism against a green recovery, however, the Czech PM appears to be alone in this fight.’s media partner Hospodářské noviny has learnt that even Poland supports the green transition as a way to overcome deep economic crises.

“Investments that can help us to reduce emission, could increase the employment rate,” the Polish government said a statement obtained by Hospodářské noviny. It also emphasised the role of renewable energy sources. 

“The Czech prime minister pretends that the Visegrad Four is a bastion of scepticism toward the fight against climate change. But this is not true anymore,” the source told Hospodářské noviny. (Aneta Zachová |

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