PRAGUE – Smart quarantine

The Czech Republic will launch a new “smart quarantine system” to track the movements of infected citizens. The monitoring system, which requires consent, will use data from mobile phones and payment cards of people who have been tested positive to find all the potential people that could be infected as a result.

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Tracked citizens will have to give their consent to the monitoring and the system will be tested during the second week of April, said Deputy Health Minister Roman Prymula.

However, smart quarantine is not the only high-tech programme that the Czechs are bringing to the table to fight the virus. The Czech Technical University has developed a respirator special model that can be produced by 3D printers, which have the same level of protection as the high-in-demand FFP3 face masks.

Carmaker Škoda Auto is producing the respirators in cooperation with the University and according to Škoda, they are able to make 60 respirators per day.

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