PRAGUE – Traffic lights for travelling abroad

The Czech government approved on Monday (1 June) so-called “traffic lights” for travelling abroad, in which all European countries have been divided into three groups marked with specific colours – red, amber and green – according to data gathered by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control agency (ECDC).

Sweden and the UK were put in the red “high-risk” group, meaning that people returning from these countries have to show a COVID-19 negative test or undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and other countries severely hit by the virus were marked with the colour amber. Foreigners coming to the Czech Republic from these countries are obliged to go into quarantine or show a negative test, whereas Czech people are not obliged to do so.

Those travelling to “green countries”, which include neighbouring states, the Baltics, Croatia and Greece, will be able to do so without restrictions. (Aneta Zachová |


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