Report on final results of the parliamentary elections

Serbia’s electoral commission adopted a report on Sunday (5 July) regarding the final results of the parliamentary elections, according to which president Aleksandar Vučić’s For Our Children party obtained 1,953,998 votes or 60.65% of the 188 seats in parliament.

A total of 6,584,376 Serbian citizens were registered for the vote on 21 June and 1 July, 3,221,908 of whom cast their ballots at 8,433 polling stations, for a turnout of around 48.93%.

The electoral list “Ivica Dacic -“ Socialist Party of Serbia ”, United Serbia – Dragan Markovic Palma” gained 10.38% and received 32 seats, while “Aleksandar апapić – Victory for Serbia” got 11 seats (3.83%). Besides, an additional four minority entered parliament as no other party had crossed the threshold. (

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