ROME – Centre-right governors challenge government

In open defiance of the government, the president of Calabria region, Iole Santelli, issued an order that will allow customers to go to bars and restaurants as from today (30 April), if served in areas with outdoor seating.

Open-air markets will resume their activities too, while citizens will be permitted to travel in the whole territory of the region and to practice individual outdoor sports.

Governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas also announced more relaxed lockdown easing measures than those put forward by the government last Sunday. Santelli, Solinas and nine other centre-right governors wrote a letter to Italy’s PM Guiseppe Conte and President Sergio Mattarella calling for the respect of the balance of competences between the central government and the regions.

According to the governors, phase 2 of lifting the lockdown outlined by the government does not ensure the flexibility to allow presidents of regions to adopt more relaxed restrictive measures if the epidemiological situation is improved in their territories.

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