ROME – EU should follow Italy’s way, says Italian PM

Yesterday, Italy’s government issued a €25 billion stimulus package with measures ranging from financial aid for troubling businesses to suspending tax payments for families.

In presenting the plan, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte suggested other EU countries follow Italy’s model not only with regard to healthcare issues but also in the way they respond to the emergency as the country is putting forward an economic strategy.

According to Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri, the ‘cura-Italia’ decree – literally ‘heal Italy’, decree – will leverage another €350 billion of investments.

“The government is close to businesses, families, women and men, young people, all those who are making enormous sacrifices to protect the highest good. No one must feel abandoned,” said Conte.

A fresh €3.5 billion will be allocated to the national health system and civil protection, while another €10 billion will be earmarked as employment subsidies “so that no one will lose their job due to the coronavirus”, Conte added.

The package also includes €85 million, which help schools implement the digital tools needed to support distance-learning.

In order to cope with the shortage of doctors, the government introduced in the decree a shortcut to access the medical profession, as people just graduated from the medical school can now become doctors without passing the state exam.

As of Monday, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has reached 2,158, while the total number of confirmed cases is now at 27,980 of which 2,749 have been cured. (Gerardo Fortuna |


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