ROME – “I didn’t mean that”

“I didn’t mean that” pt. 1. After progressives criticised centre-left leader Nicola Zingaretti following his interview with La Republicca in which he announced his party (Democratic Party) was changing its name and opening up to the grassroots movement “sardines”, Zingaretti backpedalled the next day, saying he wants to modernise, not break up the party.

“I didn’t mean that” pt. 2. In a TV interview, Italy’s resigning education minister, Lorenzo Fioramonti, said that his resignation letter to PM Giuseppe Conte was only meant to convey a strong message to the government over his ministry’s lack of funding. However, he didn’t expect his resignation would be accepted so easily.

Italy’s new education minister and successor to Fioramonti, Lucia Azzolina, is now facing criticism over plagiarism allegations. When writing her final paper for her teaching degree, she allegedly took extracts from other publications without citing them as sources. (Gerardo Fortuna |

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