ROME – Majority to the test

Italian Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede could face a no-confidence vote before the Senate this evening (20 May) as the centre-right opposition filed a motion of no-confidence. In recent months, Bonafede has come under fire for releasing 376 Mafiosi from prison for reasons related to ill health.

In March, Italian surveillance magistrates released more than 300 prisoners incarcerated under the ’41 bis’ regime due to health reasons amid the coronavirus emergency.

The release has spurred protests and Bonafede has issued a decree aimed at returning many of them to jail.

The result depends on the vote of Italia Viva, which is led by former PM and ex-PD leader Matteo Renzi. Yet, 5-Star Movement (M5S) and PD have already warned that a “real government crisis” would occur if Renzi’s party votes against Bonafede.

(Valentina Iorio |

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