ROME – Mediation to solve the Libyan crisis fails

After Italy called on states to gather around ‘the table’ to settle the Libyan crisis, it was stood up by the head of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), Faiez el-Serraj, who cancelled his Rome visit at the last minute after finding out that General Khalifa Haftar was having talks with PM Giuseppe Conte.

In Cairo, Italy’s Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, also refused to sign a joint document between Egypt, France, Cyprus and Greece, describing it as “too harsh” on Turkey and the GNA.

Italy’s lack of success in gathering stakeholders around the same table, casts doubt on its prospects of successfully finding a solution to the Libya crisis?

After a meeting with EU top diplomat Josep Borrell and European Parliament President David Sassoli in Brussels, Faiez el-Serraj was expected to stop in Rome but declined after hearing that General Khalifa Haftar, leader of the rival Libyan National Army had beat him to it.

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In Cairo, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio refused to sign a joint document with his Egyptian, French, Cypriot and Greek counterparts saying “we don’t have to split the EU now and the Berlin process must not be weighed too heavily towards one side.”

He added that it will be a topic for discussion at the Foreign Affairs EU Council on Friday.

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