ROME – Montanelli’s statue at centre of controversy

The statue of prominent right-wing journalist Indro Montanelli, who worked for Corriere della Sera for many years before becoming the founding editor of Il Giornale, and died 2001 at the age of 92, has been sprayed red and tagged with the words “racist, rapist” on Saturday (13 June).

His statue, which is located in the Milan park named after him, was targeted because Montanelli bought a 12-year-old Eritrean girl as his wife while fighting in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War in 1936.

Montanelli never regretted his actions and even defended them, saying it was the local custom. 

During a Black Lives Matter protest in Milan, the anti-fascist group known as “I Sentinelli di Milano” called for the statue to be removed because it represents the acceptance of slavery, racism, and colonial abuse.

However, many Italian journalists and political leaders are against the statue’s removal.

Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala has already rejected the request. Although he admitted to being perplexed by “the lightness” with which the journalist had confessed to having bought the child bride, he also said that “Montanelli was more than that”. (Valentina Iorio |

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