ROME – New measures

The Italian government is working on a new set of anti-coronavirus measures to be included into a decree.

Not only does the government want to make the use of face masks mandatory outdoors, but it also wants to impose earlier closing hours on bars and allow fewer people to gather at private meetings.

“We exclude the possibility of a new lockdown”, said Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri.

“However, for this to be possible we have to limit infections. As such, we will be extra careful in containing the virus”, he added.

As part of the new set of measures currently being considered by the government, regional administrations could be prohibited from enforcing less restrictive anti-coronavirus measures than the ones issued by the government, regardless of the current state of infections.

While governors could – if necessary – adopt stricter measures, they will not be able to adopt region or sector-specific relaxations as was the case with discos in the summer.

(Alessandro Follis |

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