ROME – Night before exams

Italy will have its first day of high school exams today (17 June), with about 500,000 students set to take the test. The new format, approved by the government on 9 June, consists of a multidisciplinary oral test, which can last up to one hour.

While written tests have been cancelled for this year, greater value will be given to the student’s grades when determining the final grade. 

For each class, the examination board (which consists of six teachers) will be able to interview a maximum of five students per day.

However, students must still respect the social distancing rules. Not only do both students and teachers have to wear masks, but they also have to respect the 2-meter distancing at all times. Those accompanying candidates as guests also have to wear masks. 

Both students and guests have to hand over a self-certification stating that they do not have any coronavirus symptoms, that they have not been quarantined in the previous two weeks and that they have not been in contact with an infected person in the last 14 days.

(Alessandro Follis |

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