ROME – PM assures the ‘Recovery Plan is on track’

The Italian plan on how to spend the resources of the EU Recovery Fund is on track to be presented to the European Commission on time, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told Italy’s farmers’ trade union Confagricoltura on Monday (28 September) during its centenary celebration.

“There is a misleading debate in the press that brings up unfounded worries. We are not late with our plan: the government is already analysing the projects, starting with the agriculture sector”, the prime minister added.

The Democratic Party also confirmed it supports the Italian plan for the Recovery Fund following a meeting party leader Nicola Zingaretti.

The use of the European Stability Mechanism funds was also discussed, but the discussion within the government coalition on whether to request its activation will be held “in due time”, linking the funds to a plan to boost the health sector.

The final deadline is December. (Alessandro Follis |

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