ROME – Regional elections, the day after

Following the regional elections in Calabria and Emilia-Romagna, the inquest into their effect on the country’s ruling coalition has begun. Although PM Giuseppe Conte has said the results of the regional elections won’t change the balance in the current ruling coalition, other parties disagree.

The centre-left Democratic Party (PD) would like to take advantage of the setback for the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and shift the government’s agenda towards the left.

According to Conte, right-wing leader Matteo Salvini was the “real loser” from the polls.

But Five Star Movement (M5S) received a heavy blow, getting no seats in Calabria’s assembly and only two in Emilia-Romagna. Vito Crimi, the interim leader after the resignation of Luigi Di Maio, recognised the performance was lower than expected. In March, M5S will hold a general assembly and seek to revive the party. 

Given the other winners in Emilia-Romagna, the ‘sardines’ will organise a national congress in Scampia, a tough neighbourhood in Naples, mid-March. Leaders of the grassroots movement still reject the idea of giving birth to a new party, and the structure and the strategy of the next months are yet to be decided. (Gerardo Fortuna |

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