ROME – Rise in infections can be managed

“New cases will continue to arise, but the increase in infections will be manageable,” said Italy’s vice-minister for health Pierpaolo Sileri in an interview on Tuesday (22 September). “When the term ‘second wave’ is used, panic arises. However, it will not be as severe as the one in February and March because we are more prepared now”, he added.

Sileri addressed the situation in hospitals, noting that these are far more prepared with the new safety protocols in place. Actually, the minister is “more worried about family reunions and dinners with friends, because many people still think they never contracted the virus”.

During the interview, Sileri also called for “pan-European guidelines” to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases coming from abroad. “Gradually, all countries will experience another rise in infections until we get a vaccine. So we have to enforce controls at airports or to mandate tests two or three days before departing,” he added.

Finally, Sileri spoke about the reopening of football stadiums that occurred last weekend as the the Italian football league known as Serie A started again.

“I was against reopening stadiums in May as it was too soon. But it was just a matter of time. Now the situation is under control and it is correct to let people in stadiums, but obviously not at full capacity. However, I think that 1,000 spectators are too few”, said the vice-minister.

“I am in favour of a gradual reopening, with safety measures in force: mandatory facemasks, distancing and then we can slowly let more and more people in. It’s clear that it is too soon for a complete reopening,” he added. (Alessandro Follis |

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