Rumours suggest new Irish commissioner will take economy portfolio

Following the announcement on Friday that Fine Gael MEP Maireád McGuinness and European Investment Bank (EIB) vice-president Andrew McDowell have been proposed as potential successors to former trade Commissioner Phil Hogan, talk is now turning to Ireland’s likely portfolio in the EU executive.

While McGuinness is the standout favourite to take the position, there are some that question her profile in tackling the EU’s broad trade portfolio.

Rumours in Brussels suggest that Hogan’s former post could be handed to Valdis Dombrovskis, who currently oversees the ‘Economy that Works for People’ file.

Dombrovskis is currently occupying the trade role on an interim basis, but should he be offered the post permanently, the new Irish Commissioner could be asked to take on the Latvian’s economy portfolio.

(Samuel Stolton |

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