SARAJEVO – Lack of border police

Bosnia and Herzegovina Security Minister Fahrudin Radončić said in Zagreb that economic migration is not a humanitarian issue and that he would do everything so that Bosnia and Herzegovina does not become a “parking lot” for migrants. 

“BiH finds it exceptionally important that the Croatian border remains impenetrable for illegal migrants for security and other reasons. Not only will Croatia achieve its objectives with regard to entering the Schengen Area that way, but it will also achieve a pragmatic position in that the route across BiH will not be that attractive for migrants and they will bypass us,” he explained.

Croatia’s Interior Minister Davor added that it is not in anyone’s interest for another or third route to exist. “We need to agree at the EU level about the objective and intention concerning economic migrations,” he added.

Božinovć said that he and his counterpart had agreed on stronger cooperation between border police, while Radončić warned of the “alarming situation,” in his country in that regard.

“Each border police officer patrols 25 kilometres of the border. In the past three years, the border police have not employed any new police officer”, Radončić stressed and added that the country urgently needed 400 police officers and would need an additional 1,200 in the long-run. (Željko Trkanjec |

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