SERBIA – Events of over 100 people in confined spaces have been banned

In Serbia, events of over 100 people in confined spaces have been banned, while rallies that take place in the open can still be carried out,  President Aleksandar Vučić said on Wednesday, adding that for the moment there is no reason to close schools, despite there already being “hysteria” surrounding that idea. 

Asked whether the general elections set to take place on 26 April could be postponed, Vučić said he would consult the parties which would take part in the vote, adding that there may be a two-week-delay if needed. 

The president also said that the coronavirus outbreak would have economic consequences, including a decision to postpone the opening of a few factories.

“Serbia is a small and poor country,” the president said, promising to talk to European partners to provide financial support to alleviate the damage Serbia could suffer. “As an EU candidate country, we do not want to be excluded from aid packages,” the president added.

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