Serbia seeks a ‘decent and normally good cooperation’ with Pogdorica

Vučić said that he expected a “decent and normally good cooperation” with Pogdorica the day after Montenegro’s general election. “As soon as the results are final, I will congratulate the winners, and those who say they have created a majority in the parliament of Montenegro,” the president told reporters in Bled.

“I think that the people in Montenegro want to see the closest relations with Serbia, regardless of the nation they belong to,” said the Serbian president.

The Defence Minister and leader of the Socialist Movement, Aleksandar Vulin, congratulated the winners of Montenegro’s elections, saying that Montenegro had found its way.

“The citizens of Montenegro voted in favour of taking care of their own destiny alone, and refused to have (Hashim) Thaci and (Edi) Rama telling them who their friends were, and who they would want to live with,” said Vulin, adding that “Montenegro has found a way to its own self, the tables have turned, and nothing will be the same again.”

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