Serbia to procure three COVID-19 vaccines

Serbia will procure three COVID-19 vaccines, with the Chinese one to arrive as early as November, the Srpski Telegraf daily reported yesterday (24 August).

Quoting sources from the government’s Crisis Headquarters, the paper added that Serbian physicians are already “studying documentation on the Russian and Chinese vaccines, as well as the one jointly produced by AstraZeneca and Oxford.”

“Before the year ends, Serbia will have at least one vaccine, maybe even as early as mid or the end of November. This will most likely be the Chinese vaccine. Although the Russians were the first to register the coronavirus vaccine, a few knew that the Chinese have begun vaccinating their most vulnerable groups with the one produced by them as early as July,” the paper reported..

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić earlier said that he expects Serbia will procure the vaccine before the end of the year, noting that he expects “the vaccine [to arrive] within the next three months and this will be the end of the coronavirus and everything else.”


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