Serbia vows to continue campaign revoking the recognition of Kosovo’s independence

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said on Thursday (4 June) that information suggesting that Serbia would put an end to its campaign revoking the recognition of Kosovo’s independence was untrue, although diplomatic sources in Brussels have confirmed it to reporters, the N1 Television has reported.

The information being refuted by the country’s foreign minister was reported by Radio Free Europe (RFE), which stated that Serbia had made the concession to contribute to an atmosphere that ensured dialogue on the normalisation of relations with Kosovo would resume. E

“As part of goodwill for the creation of the atmosphere that is favourable for the resumption of the dialogue, the sides in Belgrade have agreed to no longer conduct this campaign” of revoking of recognition of Kosovo’s independence,” a high-ranking diplomatic source in the EU told RFE.

However, Dačić said this was “a major lie.”

“Serbia has not stopped, nor will it stop unless everyone else stops their campaign for the recognition of so-called Kosovo,” TV N1 quoted Dacic as saying. 

Last March, Belgrade said eighteen nations across the world had already withdrawn their recognition something that Kosovo described as fake news.


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