Serbian NGO ‘Women in Black’ commemorate the siege of Sarajevo

Members of Serbian NGO Women in Black (Zene u crnom) commemorated on Monday the siege of Sarajevo on its 28th anniversary, N1 reported. 

“The siege of Sarajevo by Serb armed formations came after Bosnia’s recognition as an independent country, on April 6, 1992. Despite the UN declaring Sarajevo a protected zone, a siege of the city began, lasting 1,475 days, during which More than 11,000 adults and over 1,600 children were killed, with more than 480,000 shells fired into the city,” the organisation said, noting that “Sarajevo had become a symbol of savage destruction of war-engulfed cities”.

For that reason, the Women in Black said they remember the suffering of Sarajevo residents and all the killing in the city. They expressed solidarity and compassion with the victims and respect and honour for the victims.

The Women in Black added that they demand the responsibility for the crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily those committed by Serb armed formations, as well as all other crimes in the country. (

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