Serbs in Croatia don’t need Belgrade’s mentorship or Zagreb’s patronage

The president of the Independent Democratic Serb Party of Croatia, Milorad Pupovac, said on Monday (24 August) that Serbs in Croatia didn’t need Belgrade’s mentorship or Zagreb’s patronage, as the party had developed its own, independent platform.

“There’s no need for Belgrade’s mentorship or Zagreb’s patronage when the Serbs in Croatia are concerned. We have pursued an independent policy for decades, and have been building it for decades, and will do so in the future as well,” Pupovac said at the opening of the international research conference “Croatian-Serbian Relations, Extremism as a Factor of Regional Destabilization,” which is taking place in Golubic, near Obrovac in Croatia.

The Croat Serb politician said that relations between the Serbs in Croatia and Serbia on one hand, and the Croats in Serbia and Croatia on the other, were guaranteed by international and intergovernmental agreements.

“We are all mature enough to know that what brought us together were policies in favor of building the best possible international and inter-state relations,” Pupovac added.


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