SOFIA/BELGRADE : ‘Balkan Stream’ will work without problems

The Balkan Stream gas line would be useful for Serbia and Bulgaria, contributing to the diversification of regional supply and providing for competitive prices, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said at a joint press conference on Monday (1 June) with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, after the two toured a construction site and a highway from the border to Sofia.

“The project has the support of both Washington and Moscow because it allows for a real diversification of supplies in the region. It will be joined by the new Alexandroupolis-Dimitrovgrad gas pipeline, from where liquefied gas will be delivered,” said the Bulgarian prime minister. 

“Thus, Balkan Stream will have Russian, American, Qatari and Azeri gas, everyone can supply and receive the gas,” he added.

The Bulgarian PM said the project was supported by the European Commission and that all requirements of the Third Liberalization Package had been met. 

The Commission had also invested in the Balkans Stream, and the Bulgarian government received another €6 million to build a gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Serbia, transiting Russian and Azerbaijani gas, Borissov explained

The Serbian president said the construction of the Balkans Stream was vital for the development of the two states and their cooperation, and that many had not completely understood the project’s importance. 

“For Bulgaria and Serbia alike the construction of the gas pipeline means a growing economy and industry, as well as regular gas supply for our households. It is an investment the results of which many cannot see right away, but it is of strategic importance for the growth of the two states,” Vucic said.  (Krassen Nikolov |; (

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